Anne Travels: The Pyramid Cebu

The Queen City of the South is taking your gastronomic experience to the next level by bringing in international architecture inspirations to Cebu. A trip wouldn’t be complete without good food so let’s get the tummy talking!


The Pyramid opened last March 31, 2017. It is a multi-cuisine, casual wine and dine restaurant that exudes a relaxed-classy ambiance. Both interiors and exteriors might look intimidating but the prices are actually pocket-friendly. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between!

The restaurant is open from 10:00 AM – 3:00 AM daily and extends to 4:00 AM during Fridays and Saturdays.


Salad- PHP220-245
Sandwiches- PHP220-240
Burgers- PHP245-280
Snacks- PHP220-450
Pasta- PHP190-240
Pizza- PHP280-330
Favorites- PHP160-399
Beverages- PHP40-275

Due to a little time crunch and the pressure of checking it off the bucketlist, we came there at around 3:30PM for merienda and ordered their 3 Cheese Pizza, Carbonara, Pyramint Quencher and Sunrise Twist.

Our orders came after 10-15 minutes; not bad.

I firmly believe that a 3 Cheese Pizza would not be complete without Blue Cheese so I was really happy to see it smiling back to me when they served it. Also, you see that dip on the left side over there? That was heavenly! It was a tangy-honey dip which just satiated my taste buds like crazy. Sweet and salty blend deserved 10 stars!
Their carbonara was perfectly cooked and seasoned. It had generous amounts of cheese and mushrooms which I realllllllly loved!
The Sunrise Twist (left) and Pyramint (right) were their best-sellers and were under “MOCKTAILS” on the menu, which means that these are imitations of alcoholic drinks but had 0% content of it.

The Pyramid is located at Central Bloc, West Geonzon Road, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City



Of course, my blogging would not be complete without #OOTD shots in this Louvre- inspired architecture. Hope you take some ideas from these photos and tag me on Instagram when you do (@annefermano). I’d love a good exchange of ideas!


BONUS PHOTO: My hungry face. LOL.

10/10. Contrary to what people on Facebook are saying, I’m actually delighted with the customer assistance, service time and quality of the food that they are serving considering that it is also very affordable for such a fine looking restaurant. The ambiance is also a plus point. Customers have a choice to either dine inside or enjoy Al Fresco dining.


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Anne Travels: 10,000 Roses Café

What excites me to go back to Cebu are the seemingly endless options of tourist spots that pop out of nowhere during the year. These attractions stir up a good topic on social media and keep tourists like me on our toes for the next hype!


Owned by Mr. Miguel Cho, a 28-year old Korean interior designer, the café is comprised of 10,000 artificial LED-powered roses and is said to be better viewed from dusk to night.

The café opened its gates to the public in February this year and was a result of Mr. Cho’s yearning to bring a part of his hometown’s famous attraction, the 20,000 Lighted Rose Garden in Dongdaemun, South Korea, to the Philippines.

He envisions it to be a symbol of love and even plans to set up fences where couples can participate in a famous, romantic, international practice of leaving locks to symbolize their affections.


Salad- PHP250
Panini- PHP350
Pizza- PHP300-320
Snacks- PHP220-450
Pasta- PHP320-400
Coffee- PHP110-145 with a single standard size comparable to “tall” at Starbucks
Smoothies- PHP180-220

We just had varieties of their iced coffee that day since we went there after lunch time. Coffee was good, taste was comparable to Dunkin Donuts’ coffee; nothing exceptional.


This attraction is located at Brgy. Day-as, Cordova, beside Lantaw Floating Restaurant. It opens from 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM daily and has an environmental fee of PHP20 to help maintain the cleanliness of the place. The fee was imposed only after a lot of trash has been found in the surrounding waters with thousands of people flocking the place during its first few days. About 500 LED roses have also been reported bent or cut during the opening.


• PRIVATE VEHICLE – Of course the most convenient way is to bring your own vehicle. Fastest route as per Google Maps would be at 1 hour and 4 minutes with a 20KM distance (starting point taken is Fuente Osmena Circle).
CAB – Taking the cab would be a good option for tourists like me who value convenience over cost. From the city, you can go for a metered taxi ride costing PHP250-300 depending on the traffic. Maximum allowable capacity per cab is 4 pax.
•  V-HIRE: From SM City Cebu Terminal, you can take a V-hire for P40/person. Go down at Cordova Grandmall and take a tricycle going to 10,000 Roses Café (P10/person).

In our case, we took the cab.

While a lot of blogs talk about going there, not everyone talks about going back to the city. If you took a cab to get there, you can only get lucky when someone takes a cab and gets dropped off at the exact time of your departure as well. However, since that is not the case most of the time, you can do as we did.

Take a trisikad from 10,000 Roses for PHP20/person to get dropped off at the Cordova Proper and take a Van for PHP100/person to be dropped of at SM City Cebu. The trip will take about 53 minutes to an hour.


Here are some of the creative shots we took; we played with different angles and even natural double exposures! Hope you take some ideas from these photos and tag me on Instagram when you do (@annefermano). I’d love a good exchange of ideas!

Café Shots:


Field Shots:

DSCF8386DSCF8381DSCF8467.JPGDSCF8442DSCF8388DSCF8450DSCF8342.JPGDSCF8420DSCF8488So that’s my 10,000 Roses Café experience! I hope you find this blog post informational. We didn’t wait for the sunset anymore although it’s recommended by many. I have seen photos online and I personally think that the magic happens in bright natural light there more than the moon’s radiance.
I guess the sunset/night magic is yet another reason to come back in the future. By then I can hopefully make a good comparison.

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Why careers are not made of Gold

My trip to Boracay last June 23, was a rather simple one and the best part about it was nothing sort of unusual. You’ll understand soon enough.

Me and my friends just planned for a trip to Aklan to visit one of our close friends from high school and Boracay was a side trip suggestion which we eventually pursued.

At this year and age, I guess I’m over the cliché: “What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay.”

Sure, the days and nights you spend there will be one of the fondest, happiest, most carefree moments of your years. The island is home to a lot of fun water sports, activities, and not to mention– overflowing booze.

But the island is an island to its right. The magic of my trip happened during my last night there when mother nature decided to show off that day and left us with a rather breathtaking view.

Boracay’s sunset is certainly one of the best out there. If you want to witness its glory, you can go to the beachfront at around 4:30PM.

During that hour, you can witness the dramatic call of the ocean to its waters to recede and return back to its heart, to which the tide’s natural ebb seem to nonchalantly whisper back with soft waves as if to say “yes”.

It is also during that day’s lowest tidal cycle that you can leave beautiful footprints on the beach’s shore.

Walk a little longer and you will see natural water flows that remain on parts of the sand, rushing, untamed to the ocean, as if catching the last train back home.

You see all sorts of photos there: on print, as point and shoot, and in front of you. The people on the island are as diverse as the world and they paint pictures with their eyes.

You see families that are trying to make the best out of their parent’s retirement and their vacation leaves, lovers who make silhouettes look better in pairs, children left alone to play and dirty the sand, and friends separated by years but kept together by ties.

It was also in this beautiful moment that I got one of the best news in 25 years– I was ranked number one by the Company I have been wanting to work with since graduation. Yes, I got the call.

I went to the island with a few hours of sleep, anxious about the final interview that I had the day before, and unprepared (talk about having to use a single pair of clothes for sleep. LOL. I know, crazy!). I have just retired from a job that I kept for almost 4 years, simply directed by my faith and my strong will for something better, something bigger than money.

For those asking, I handed in my resignation letter to a company that I have worked with for almost 4 years last April 24, and it was undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I was at the seat of complacency; I could already do my end of the month reports with one eye open and I wouldn’t have to worry so much about my output because I knew that I always worked with a heart.

In the end, I don’t want to think of it as a lost for neither me nor the company. Rather, it was time to move forward. We were giving each other the gift of both growth and resilience.

I was contacted by the “heavens” for a vacancy last May 3 and I ended my job with my previous company last June 16. I got the good news last June 25.

You see, right after graduation, you feel the urge to prove something to the universe and more often than not, this comes in the form of cold, hard, cash. There is no denying how much you wanted those numbers in your bank account.

As there is nothing wrong with wanting to be able to provide and give back to your family, your view of what a career is in the long run somehow changes and you realize that career is not measured in golds.

The good news came to me in rum drunken skies and a scenic farewell of the sun– a striking metaphor that affirmed the definitude of my decision to quit my previous job.

It was a beautiful soliloquy of the dusk and the heavens made sure I heard it.

I’ve always believed that we never really lose something and that things simply had to happen because there is a greater force in this world that knows this job called life better than we do. My faith has always carried me through and brought me to greater heights and experiences; it always will.

Funny how timing took its toll. I’m so happy and ready for this fresh start. To those of you who are thinking about making big career decisions: resignations, asking for a promotion that you deserve and shifting careers, do not be afraid to take a leap of faith when you feel like it is right. Of course you have to weigh your opportunities and financial status in the process.

“Success comes when opportunity meets preparation.” I couldn’t be more prepared for this job than I am now or than I was 5 years ago right after I graduated regardless of my achievements. The law of attraction only works with the right timing– never too early and never too late. You have to learn how to trust the universe and its echoes. It will be beautiful, I promise.

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On Trend: Turbans

Turbans have an Eastern origin working previously as a protection for both the sun & the sand and as part of a religious costume. As you may observe, it covers the lining of the hair up as it is supposed to allow the forehead to touch the ground during prayer.

Turban fashion began in the late 18th Century and progressed to the early 19th Century when trades with India brought about its use as a fashion accessory. It then made its way across England and France.

It rose to popularity in 1910 as a symbol of eastern glamour and became a staple in evening wear and represented elite societal hierarchy.

One notable comeback of the turban was in the second Sex and the City movie and it has then been worn again in catwalks and fashion shows.

However, I believe that turbans never really vanished from the scene. Yes, it might have been dormant but it was always worn by the fearless few who can work the look. I personally think that the turban is a symbol of confidence and only women who are most comfortable and accepting of their features can own the look.

Today, turbans have taken a more modern twist and a variety of fabrics, colors, prints and shapes have been made available to the public. These ones that I found were just worth PHP35 each! They were the last ones so I took both colors and got away with a huge smile on my face.

They do not really require you to cover your whole head with the fabric these days and they are more versatile and comfortable. Here’s how I chose to wear mine today.

I also find doing an inverted bun at the back is perfect for this look. You don’t always have to put your hair down. Pick out a few loose strands for the perfect messy look and wear those bangs proud!

I hope I inspired you with the look and if you have your own versions, you can contribute to this article by sending them over to the comments section! I’d love to see your creative outputs.

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Beauty & Skincare

My Favorite Local Facial Mask

My recent collaboration with Vitapack PH led me to discover my favorite local facial mask to date. If you have been following me on my IG and FB, I have posted several facial mask videos and have also mentioned my preference for those containing Collagen and Snail Secretions for their effects on the skin’s elasticity and influence on hydration and moisture.

I almost always go for Korean brands since most of the local brands have failed me in the kind and amount of essence provided in the pack. The finish/ result alone is also very disappointing.

Vitapack PH’s Facial Masks not only met my expectations, they even exceeded it!

Product Description:

Vitapack Collagen + Arbutin + Q10 Perfecting Peptide Facial Mask is the perfect treatment to rejuvenate your skin. As skin matures, it becomes thinner, begins to sag, and develops sun and age spots. Our facial mask will let the ingredients of collagen, arbutin, and Q10 sink into your skin, helping boost energy production in the cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin blemishes. This mask promotes fairer, brighter and smoother skin tone and texture, and helps restore and maintain the elasticity of the skin. The result is immediately supple, radiant, and beautiful skin.

Price: PHP110/ pack

The packaging is simple, yet very informative. Upon opening, the whiff of the essence just smelled so inviting. I am such a fan of clean and mild scents so this was very appealing to my senses. There was a generous amount of essence inside and I even got to use it to moisturize my neck and arms. This was also the first facial mask (locally and internationally) that I got to try that snuggled comfortably and perfectly on my face, not much excess sheet and nothing less than what was needed for the coverage. I was surprised it even covered my brows and perfectly ended just right above my eye.

What I like most about this product is it did lessen the inflammation of my “regla-pimples” on my chin the following day. You can say it really did a great job!

Rating: 100/10

Will I buy this product after the samples? Yes most definitely!

I will be writing about their 8-in-1 whitening lotion on another post. If you want to try this facial mask to see the results for yourself, you may check them out on the ff. links:

ZALORA– You can use my code “ZBAPT33L” upon checkout for a 15% discount!

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On the Spotlight: Mel’s Collection

The birth of Mel’s Collection can be traced way back 2010, during the college years of Ms. Melisa. It started as a buy and sell accessory shop and eventually evolved to hand-made and uniquely designed pieces.
It was finally established as a brand on 2012. They sell hand-made and personalized accessories and they can also do other customized requests for you. All products are handmade by the owner herself.
The package arrived last June 19, 2017 in a cute origami handbag! That really got my attention and the personal handwritten note on the outside of the paper bag was very adorable too.

They sent me samples of their ID bar necklace, personalized wire necklace and hand charmer. To be honest, I did expect a different shade of gold however, the ones sent to me were still very eye catching.

You can choose between a thin/thick chain and gold/silver colors.

Product photos:


ID Bar Necklace
Personalized Wire Necklace
Hand Charmer

ID bar necklace- PHP160
Personalized Wire Necklace- PHP100
Hand Charmer- PHP120

Price Range of all products: PHP50-210

Other Products offered:
– three layered statement necklace (thin chain)- PHP230
– personalized compass necklace- PHP180
– stone quartz necklace- PHP150
– ID bar bracelet- PHP160
– round pendant bracelet- PHP160
– ID bar bracelet with dream catcher charm- PHP160
– ID bar necklace with dream catcher charm- PHP185
– chokers- starts at PHP70
– teardrop necklace- PHP85

Will I buy it after the samples?
Since they have other products offered, I will go and try their other personalized items.

If you liked this brand and would like to try some of their items, you can check their social media accounts out by clicking the links below:


A complete list of their products with photos are also available on their accounts. You may also have a special request and as long as they can be able to deliver, they will grant your wishes!

GOOD NEWS! Mel’s Collection will be displaying their stuff at Retail Lab which recently opened in Glorietta 2 by the end of June.

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Back-To-School Survival Guide


Not to brag, but one of my proudest achievements would have to be graduating from the country’s National University, The University of the Philippines, as Cum Laude. It was a long and exhausting journey back then; I even thought about dropping my math subjects because Calculus was such a pain in my cute little bootay (haha) and I had to study extra hours to get a…TRES. Hahaha. What a tragedy.

I had countless sleepless nights,  zombiefied days and sabaw moments while struggling and balancing my studies, social life, family and love life. Chos! And I happily managed it all.

Anyway, it’s back to school season again and although I have already graduated ____ years from today, I am here to share with you my very own Back-To-School survival guide: the tips and tricks of how I made it out alive of the University.

So how do you actually survive a stressful school year?

  1. Punctuality is key
    Always remember to set that alarm clock early and commit to waking up and resisting the urge to hit the snooze button. Being early means getting yourself ready without much pressure and hassle. Start your day right by coming to class on time. We always got surprise quizzes at the beginning of the class and our professors didn’t really tell us when that would be so being late means getting a 0. Resulting to a not so attractive effect on your GWA.
  2. Attendance is key-er
    You want to know what’s worse than being tardy? Being absent. This is the worst crime that you can commit when studying. Not only do you miss the topics, you miss the notes, and you miss the exercises. When you choose to skip class, there is nothing impressive about that and you are fooling nobody but yourself because in the end you still be cramming and catching up double time. Believe me when I say that your teacher WILL REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR ABSENCES and when it’s final grading time, this factor can play a BIG role in determining your grade.
  3. Take down notes
    Do not take notes for granted as these will be your bible in surviving school. Make sure to jot down the important details during lectures as some teachers give a hint of their exam questions by casually mentioning them in class. Stay alert and use those hints to your advantage.
  4. Find a solid study group
    They say that birds of the same feather flock together and well, you have to find the right birds to go along with. Majority of me and my barkada graduated as Cum Laudes and I think that our study sessions and late night chat and phone call conversations HELPED A LOT. We had a perfect mix of people who were good with math, great in writing, and creative thinkers and doers–these with positive qualities and a whole lot of peer motivation and daily sunshine was healthy. We tested and tutored each other on our weak spots and we only gained from this experience.
  5. Know what gets you into the “mood”
    I know there are days when all you want to do is sleep, watch kdramas (Oh, the temptation!) and get some rest. As tempting as this may seem, you need to face reality and study for that upcoming exam. Learn the things that help you get into the mood of studying. Is it the silence of your room (It was for me. The breathing of anyone in the room annoyed me. You either die or breathe outside. LMAO.), the smell of brewed coffee, Paramore’s Ignorance playing on your spotify, the scent of mint/ lavender on your room or strangely, your roommate’s snoring.
  6. Take care of your health
    Always see to it that at the end of the day, you do not forget to put the handouts down, close the book, cap off the highlighter, and get a good sleep. You also need to eat well and hydrate your body so you are able to perform well. You are not a robot and you need time to recover and rejuvenate. A day before my exams, I already stop studying as cramming will not help. Take time for retention and get some sleep. Sometimes, the healthiest thing you can do is to not do anything at all.
  7. Pray
    After you have done your part and studied well for the exams, let God do the rest. Pray and seek for guidance that he may give you the right answers during the right moments during the exam.
  8. Unwind with the group and capture every moment
    You are only young once. Do not always exchange your youth for the grades and have fun while de-stressing! Take each other’s OOTDs and dress up differently to class every time. Who doesn’t love a good OOTD shot? Oppo’s F3 Selfie Expert might just do the trick! To give you the best selfie experience, F3 supports dual selfie cameras to allow you to snap a classic solo shot but also include the whole group when capturing memories. You never have to be the photographer anymore! You will always be in each frame shot after shot. It has a 16MP dual selfie camera and a 13MP rear camera.

So that’s it for my list of tips for school survival! I hope this helps you overcome the University stress and ace your exams. You go, wild cat!

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